A Day In My Life + Outfit

It is officially shorts weather!! It felt like the time would never come again but finally, the high temperature by the Jersey Shore is calling for tank tops and shorts. I am hoping the 80’s don’t leave us. It happened to be a perfect, sunny Saturday so my friends and I brunched at a cute inside/outside restaurant called The Robinson Ale House. It has such yummy food, you can check out the menu here if you’re from New Jersey! I got the BLT+A which was a BLT but with avocado, sooo tasty.

I love New Jersey and one of my favorite towns here is Red Bank! It has the cutest downtown area, full of shops and restaurants. I hope the pictures below capture just how adorable this little town just is.

Outfit Details: Top//Primark     Shorts//Uniqlo     Belt//unknown     Watch//MichaelKors     Shoes// SteveMadden     Rings// gifted or Pandora     Glasses//Ray-Ban     Satchel// H&M

Jesses Outfit: Top//Nordstrom BP     Shorts// American Eagle Outfitters      Choker//Forever21      Glasses//Francesca’s

* I could only link some items directly, some pieces are sold out or gone! 🙁

Check out Stargaze Jewelry for really cute, dainty chokers, click here.

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Sugar Factory Friday

For my friends and I, the month of February is the month full of birthdays, bringing on tons of birthday festivities each weekend. This past week we went to the Sugar Factory in New York City where everything was sweeter than sweet. The Sugar Factor is known for their super sugary drinks called Goblets, they come in a number of colors and flavors. My friend and I chose the Sunshine Tea Goblet and added some Lollipops to add taste and of course to make it “gram worthy.”

The interior design of the restaurant is different than I imagined, I picture a rainbow colored interior with a bunch of sweets as decor. Although, the restaurant was much more tasteful than I had originally expected. The colors were burgundy, black and white and a large black chandelier was the centerpiece of the room.  At the Sugar Factory, there is an upstairs and a downstairs, larger parties were seated upstairs and smaller parties were sat downstairs. While going upstairs you come across the famous Sugar Factory wall, many people take their photos against this wall. A ton of celebrities have captured pictures on this wall and they’re shown all around the restaurant.

The trip was yet another successful birthday out with friends and good food. Nothing sweeter than that.


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Painting, Food & Friends

Painting will never be my forte but for one of my closest friends birthdays, I had to put aside my mediocre painting skills and try to produce something worthy of Picasso. Did I succeed? Negative. We drove a short drive to Bradley Beach where we went to Bradley Brushstrokes Paint and Sip Studio (minus the sip). The studio was vibrant and definitely gave some 70’s vibes as you’ll see below.

After the painting, each of our stomachs had been grumbling ready to dig into a savory meal. Lucky for us, the birthday girl made reservations at Porta, a popular Italian eatery in Asbury Park, New Jersey. We walked into the artsy restaurant where there was one large room with a center bar. The bar had light bulbs hanging overhead and along the room hung small lights. Doors lined the wall to add a rustic feel along with the American flag draped from the ceiling. The room had long picnic tables instead of your typical round table or booth adding a very cozy feeling. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is that they had vegan options, although the selection is small, it is very thoughtful to include this for vegans or people with dairy allergies like myself. It makes the going out to eat process a lot easier. The food did not disappoint and by the end of the night, we all were stuffed full.

Any night spent with friends is a good night but any night spent with friends and food is a great night, am I right?

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Snowboarding Trip 2017

To start 2017 on a good note my family and I took a trip two hours north to JackFrost for a Skiing/Snowboarding trip. Typically we spend a week up north but due to the chaos of life, we decided just to take a day out of winter break to take a mini trip. I have been a skier a majority of my life but I recently switched to snowboarding which has been more than aggravating to pick up. Each trip I get better and better but I am definitely no Shaun White. With that being said, a lot of the trip I spent on my bum. My brother, on the other hand, picked snowboarding up with ease and I’ll  never understand how he did it. Below I captured pictures on and off the ski lift!

13 Years of Friendship: Mother Daughter 2016

As odd as it may sound, kindergarten doesn’t seem that long ago. It feels like just last year I was facing, what I thought to be major milestones in my life. Moving on from elementary school to middle school felt life changing. Going through relationships and break-ups felt melancholy and sour. Losing friends and making new ones felt eye opening and bittersweet. Growing up every little thing was a milestone. Although now I know minor things in life aren’t milestones, I am so fortunate to have my Mom and friends to face even the smallest of milestones with. That’s why our 13-year long annual Mother Daughter is a special event for me.

Mother Daughter is a celebratory event for my friends and I. We get to not only enjoy our day with our Mom’s but with each other. I remember how it started, tea at American Girl Doll. The ultimate 5-year-olds dream. We all dressed up in our “fancy coats” and attended the tea party not only with each other but with our look-alike dolls (and yes they recieved their own chairs). From then we matured slightly each year seeing the Nutcracker, The Rockettes, or other shows. We always either started or ended our Mother- Daughter with a meal altogether, my favorite time to spend time with my friends, my Mom, and my second Moms.

Our final year before we all part ways was something different and special. Through the course of a 13-year friendship, there were rough patches. A once large friendship split up into smaller groups and I knew this was part of growing up. At the end of the day, we were always there for each other and loved each other. This past summer began our senior year journey, we all picked up right where we left off leaving any bitterness behind. Today, I couldn’t be happier to be finishing high school with the same girls I started elementary school with.

For the past 13 year’s Mother-Daughter has allowed me to strengthen my love and friendships with my best friends, their Mom’s and my own Mom. My friends have traveled through my biggest and smallest “milestones” with me for the past 13 years. Each year we celebrate Mother-Daughter to highlight the bonds we have created with each other and enjoy a piece of the holidays altogether. If you think this was sappy just wait for my graduation post. Have a Merry Christmas!

xx Liv

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