Denim Days

I actually miss getting up early for school and putting on a decent outfit. These days my outfits consist of a hat, comfy workout pants, and a tee shirt. I know, real fancy. College is so different than high school. There is no time to get ready, it’s wake up and go. No matter the what time may be, most people look like they have just rolled out of bed. Kudos to anyone who actually puts on a face of makeup or a cute outfit, for me this is just not practical anymore. Any day I get to put on a nicer outfit is an exciting one.

This outfit is something I would wear on a day out with friends in New Haven, Connecticut. It’s a casual look where you can still feel put together. It’s perfect for a bite to eat with girlfriends and some retail therapy. Just what I need, some retail therapy! Too bad my wallet says no to that. Details to this outfit will be below!!


Top: Out of Stock

Skirt: Shein

Watch: Michael Kors 

Necklace: Gifted

Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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