Breezy Summer Day

Sometimes you cross paths with people who are incredibly like you, it fascinates me that in todays world we are capable of meeting people from another part of our country or world. Thank you to Charlotte Luisa for collaborating on this post with me. Charlotte’s idea was to purchase the same piece of clothing so we could differently style our outfits.  In our posts you will see the same top is featured and is styled completely differently so you can see the versatile ways you can wear a white off the shoulder top.

Charlotte Luisa’s Post Here

Our white top is fitted with a scrunched texture and hangs tightly off the shoulder. The shirt is very stretchy but does show a little skin but not fully a crop top. I styled the top with ripped semi dark, semi light blue jeans. I choose jeans that were slightly ripped just so you could still wear this outfit to a family event. I wanted to be tasteful, classy and fun with the way I styled this ensemble. Next for shoes I chose these Steve Madden sandals, they have a slight chunky heel, thick straps that criss cross over the foot and gold buckle detailing on the outer sides of the shoe. For accessories I kept it simple with my Kate Spade hand bag with gold detailing along with my gold aviator Ray-Bands. To keep with the gold detailing throughout this outfit I choose a gold stone necklace and a fish gold ring. This outfit is definitely one of my favorites because of the neutral tones and simple styling. Details will be below, click on the piece to directly be taken to it online! XX


    White Off The Shoulder Top (Charlene Top)

Blue Ripped Jeans (similar pair)

Steve Madden Sandals (sold out)

Gold Stone Necklace (sold out)

Fish Wrap Ring 

Kate Spade bag (on sale)





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