The Subway Ride…

It’s finally fall and although many people are trying to hold onto summer as long as they can, I cannot wait for the crisp air to finally kick in. My weekend consisted of confusion, laughs and tears. It was definitely a memorable occasion. My friend and I traveled to New York City which is just a train ride away, once there we took the E subway to Spring Street, walked around and shopped. At around 5:15 we were planning on taking the C subway uptown to w. 72nd street but of course the C subway wasn’t working. So our plan of action changed and unfortunately what we thought would get us to w. 72nd street actually brought us to 68th street in Queens. With panic in our chests and confusion in our heads we quickly talked to our parents and they directed us uptown on the R subway to 34th Street (Times Square) there we took the red line to our final destination. It felt good to take a deep breath and get out of Queens.

We went on this mini trip to meet Amber Fillerup, one of the most popular bloggers on the internet. If you keep up with fashion & lifestyle blogs you’ve probably heard of her. She’s the most adorable, sweet blondie with the cutest family. Meeting her was so important for me, she inspired me to take the plunge in making a website.

Fortunately through out the entire trip laughter filled the air. I mean c’mon you can’t go to city and something not happen! Ambers meet and greet was held at the end of the pier right near Pier 1 Cafe. Pier 1 Cafe is the cutest outside restaurant located right next to the water. The skyline is directly in front and behind you, the food was definitely a 10 too! Overall the day was a success, through each hurdle we settled with laugher and the thought of kinda sorta almost being where we wanted to be. A day started and ended with laughter is a good day.

Amber Fillerup//

Pier 1 Cafe// 



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