Where is Fall in Connecticut?!

Ugh!! I’m eagerly awaiting fall and hoping it’s just around the corner. I can no longer deal with the sticky humidity in a dorm room. Since last writing, I was soon off to Quinnipiac University, and now I’m here! Saying I love it is an understatement. I am incredibly lucky to of met such genuine people in such a short amount of time. Waking up each morning and passing mountains is something you can’t get anywhere else, it will never get old in my eyes. I can’t wait to look up at the painted red, orange and yellow smiling down at me from the sleeping giant. The high 80’s need to leave, I want fall desperately!!

Before leaving New Jersey I took these pictures in one of my favorite simple outfits. I hate the rule “no white jeans after Labor Day.” White jeans are so practical and go with pretty much anything, I miss them already. *sheds tear* Below are the details of this outfit!!

Top: Pacsun (no longer available)

Jeans: Hollister

Watch: Michael Kors

Rings & Necklaces: Gifted

Can you tell I’m from New Jersey..?


It’s Almost That Time…

It’s almost the time where I place my graduation cap on and walk to get my diploma! Officially ending high school is starting to freak me out, it’s crazy to think in less than three short months I’ll be moving to my new home, Connecticut. Due to my crazy busy end of the year schedule, I haven’t been able to take any pictures for a fashion post so I thought I’d collect pictures from the last couple weeks to put together a current lifestyle post!

The first pictures are from a college night my friend hosted. Basically, we celebrated all choosing our college! It was an exciting and super happy night for everyone. The second group of pictures is from my senior prom. My dress was a berry, wine colored Jovani dress which you can find here. It was a little different than my usual style and color choices but I am so happy I took a chance on it. It feels nice not having to stress about hair, nails, makeup or dress anymore! Onto new stress, FINALS!! Ugh, I’m ready to graduate..

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13 Years of Friendship: Mother Daughter 2016

As odd as it may sound, kindergarten doesn’t seem that long ago. It feels like just last year I was facing, what I thought to be major milestones in my life. Moving on from elementary school to middle school felt life changing. Going through relationships and break-ups felt melancholy and sour. Losing friends and making new ones felt eye opening and bittersweet. Growing up every little thing was a milestone. Although now I know minor things in life aren’t milestones, I am so fortunate to have my Mom and friends to face even the smallest of milestones with. That’s why our 13-year long annual Mother Daughter is a special event for me.

Mother Daughter is a celebratory event for my friends and I. We get to not only enjoy our day with our Mom’s but with each other. I remember how it started, tea at American Girl Doll. The ultimate 5-year-olds dream. We all dressed up in our “fancy coats” and attended the tea party not only with each other but with our look-alike dolls (and yes they recieved their own chairs). From then we matured slightly each year seeing the Nutcracker, The Rockettes, or other shows. We always either started or ended our Mother- Daughter with a meal altogether, my favorite time to spend time with my friends, my Mom, and my second Moms.

Our final year before we all part ways was something different and special. Through the course of a 13-year friendship, there were rough patches. A once large friendship split up into smaller groups and I knew this was part of growing up. At the end of the day, we were always there for each other and loved each other. This past summer began our senior year journey, we all picked up right where we left off leaving any bitterness behind. Today, I couldn’t be happier to be finishing high school with the same girls I started elementary school with.

For the past 13 year’s Mother-Daughter has allowed me to strengthen my love and friendships with my best friends, their Mom’s and my own Mom. My friends have traveled through my biggest and smallest “milestones” with me for the past 13 years. Each year we celebrate Mother-Daughter to highlight the bonds we have created with each other and enjoy a piece of the holidays altogether. If you think this was sappy just wait for my graduation post. Have a Merry Christmas!

xx Liv

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Apple of my Eye

In between all the chaos of applying to colleges there has to be moments of sweet serenity. A trip 10 minutes from home to a pumpkin patch and orchard can be just that calming vibe we all need sometimes. To some fall is the most exciting season of them all, leaves transform to vibrant colors as then they soon fade to shades of brown. The season of an almost otherworldly beauty, superior to all other seasons. It truly doesn’t get better than New Jersey fall weather. It was like a turn of a light switch, suddenly it went from summer to fall. I’m not one to complain, no more chemical smelling sunscreen and a not so cute glow of sunburn across my face.

Today was filled with only smiles and laughs, the best way to know you had a good day. I wish I highlighted the funniest moment in a video but unfortunately our camera’s were late to capturing the moment. My friend Jess flew back in one of those wagons you put pumpkins in, Jessie got a wet bum and attacked by apples when the wagon flipped. A moment we all exploded with immense laughter. Later on we all looked like we took part in a circus act trying to balance on pumpkins for just that perfect shot. Luckily no broken bones have been reported.

Drizzles of rain cut our trip short so we headed over to Delicious Orchards a little family owned farm and country food market to warm up with apple cider. A successful day.

P.S- I applied to college today! Time to play the waiting game…

What’s your favorite college memory?

Goodbye August, Hello Fall!

Unfortunately summer is coming to a close and I know any high school or college kid reading this is cringing at the thought of going back to school. Going back to school for me means college, college, college! It’s finally time to apply and prepare for the next chapter in my life. With all of this being said it’s completely necessary to pick out a first day of school outfit, the outfit below is definitely what I’ll be sporting this coming September. I am obsessed with the neutral tones and  the simplicity of the outfit. This outfit is perfect for the transition from summer to fall, it can be worn to school or dressed up for a night out with friends. I try creating very versatile looks so it’s easy to wear an outfit like this to different occasions. One of my favorite things about this outfit is how affordable it is! All of these pieces besides my jewelry is from Forever21! The quality was super surprising to me and the price was an added plus! The Corduroy Mini Skirt was $12.90 and the Ruffle Trimmed Top retailed for $8.90 (in the top go up a size if you don’t want it to be cropped) in total this outfit was around $21 which is a total steal. My accessories include a rose gold ring located on my middle finger that my parents gifted me along with a rose gold diamond band and a Bow Ring also both gifted to me (you can click anything in pink to be directed to the store and product!) Enjoy the rest of your summer! XX

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