My Favorite Healthy Cookie

I have been working really hard physically to get myself where I want to be. I have completely limited my snacking and have been making strides to a more healthy lifestyle. Of course, every now and then I allow myself to splurge (to a certain degree) but day to day when I’m craving something savory these almond butter cookies are my go to. Almond butter is a healthy fat, made for you to stay fuller longer. That’s the main ingredient out of this four ingredient recipe. Yes, only four ingredients!! The other ingredients are rolled oats which are packed with a ton of fiber, honey which is good for your immune system and promotes weight loss and then an egg which is a good source of antioxidants.

Combined these ingredients create a savory, soft and chewy cookie, not to mention it’s super high in protein. You can always add things to you your cookies too! I typically will add a little cinnamon and chia seeds for extra health benefits. The one downside to these cookies is that they’re so addicting. I baked around 12 the other night and within two days…gone. Hope you all try them out, you won’t regret it. Click here for recipe!

Healthy Taco?

Lately I have been all about the healthy eating. Now and then you’ll catch me indulging in my favorite dairy free treats like Len & Larry’s protein cookies (found here) or So Delicious Chocolate Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream made with cashew milk (found here) but I try keeping it rather clean with my eating habits. When I scrolled through Pinterest for healthy meals, snacks and etc. I came across these yummy appetizers. As soon as I saw the image I thought immediately of P.F. Changs Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I’m sure most of us have tasted how sweet and savory those appetizers are, definitely a favorite of my families.

One thing I love about these is that you can easily personalize them to your liking. You can add tomatoes, peppers, chicken and more toppings to enhance the taste of these healthy, filling appetizers. My suggestion would be to add seasonings. The ingredients consist of mainly vegetables and beans but I do believe seasonings would give a kick of flavor especially if you’re not into the plantish tasting foods, you know what I mean? It’s almost like a healthy taco…almost

What’s all the talk about Playa Bowls?

If you live along the Jersey Shore you know all about Playa Bowls. If you don’t live here then you’re probably wondering just what are “Playa Bowls?” Playa bowls are a tasty, healthy treat. They are bowls that have a base of acai (a berry frozen sorbet) blended with a variety of fruits. It’s then topped with granola, fruit and sometimes almond or peanut butter depending on what you choose to get. It gives you a boost of energy on those hot summer days, nothing is as refreshing as a mouth full of fruit. The granola is so heavenly as you crunch you’re way to an empty bowl. What’s so great about Playa is the variety. If acai isn’t your favorite you can pick a Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) base or a green base (mixed with kale for color). You can always customize your order to make it exactly the way you want it! Don’t worry vegans, they have you covered! The bases to all the bowls are 100% dairy free and vegan. (Vegans may have to alter orders to get it to be fully vegan) It’s the most mouthwatering, fresh and healthy treat on the shore. In every bite I can’t wait to dig my spoon into more, go bowls deep! Check out the website here!

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I’m Kinda Vegan?

Can I say I’m vegan even if I stuff my face with burgers, hot dogs and pork roll? The obvious answer is no but my dairy allergy has allowed me to explore the world of being vegan. You’d think how gross coconut bacon, how could that taste like real bacon? I’m not really sure how it does but somehow it does taste like real bacon! So many obscure things you wouldn’t assume to be good truly are. Not only is being vegan a healthy lifestyle option it’s also extremely tasty. Some better than others of course you just have to find the best of the best in vegan cuisine.  A  few days ago I headed over to Seed To Sprout, the cutest place in vegan food. My tastebuds were in for a treat, I indulged in french toast and a yummy sandwich with cashew cheese. Who knew cashew cheese was a thing and that it was actually good?! I was in pure delight, Seed To Sprout is definitely a place I need to further explore. Just after having two meals I’m already hooked.

Seed To Sprout Website:

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Dairy-Free Veggie Quiche

Don’t let the name of this tasty meal frighten you! By the sound and look of it you’d think this meal would be a yucky “trying to be healthy” recipe. This quiche is a healthy choice but it’s also extremely heavenly tasting. If you’re looking for something hardy to fill you up that’s healthy and tasty this is the perfect option. Protein remains high with 6 eggs (3 grams of protein in the yolk and 3 grams of protein in the egg white). This recipe contains 6 eggs making 36 grams of protein in total. Along with that, there is a number of greens in this yummy meal increasing the protein even more! This savory meal is definitely a favorite, now just try it for yourself.