A Day in SoHo

Well, we made it. If you have been following for some time, you may be aware that my last trip to NYC with a friend, I ended up in Queens (not the destination I was looking for). I am happy to say, Rose, Jess, Emily and I reached SoHo without any long detours to Queens. From Penn Station, we took the C subway downtown and got off at Spring Street. See! Now I know what I’m talking about, it only took some time.. You can read about my lost adventure in the city here.

This past Tuesday there were luckily no issues. Amen. Once reaching Soho, all of us were starving. We walked and talked looking at each corner for somewhere to stop in to eat. We finally came across a quaint, little Irish pub. Very un-Irish of me, I settled for a taco salad.

Being away from the comfort of my friends from growing up can be tough. Luckily, once returning to my hometown, it’s like we never parted ways. After sitting, eating, chatting and ranting we paid for our meals and were on our way. We strolled around Soho, going in and out of stores; following the cutest cobblestone pathways as our way of direction. Of course, we stopped to take pictures because duh what’s a trip to NYC without pictures. Reaching rush hour we decided to make our way home. We hopped on the subway, took the C subway Uptown, got off at Penn Station and took our train home. And there you have it, a successful trip to Soho, Manhatten. What a day..

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Lands’ End (similar)

Scarf: Old Navy

Sun Glasses: Ray-Ban

Hat: gifted

Bag: KateSpade (similar)

Boots: Nordstrom (similar)

Jeans: Hollister 

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Apple of my Eye

In between all the chaos of applying to colleges there has to be moments of sweet serenity. A trip 10 minutes from home to a pumpkin patch and orchard can be just that calming vibe we all need sometimes. To some fall is the most exciting season of them all, leaves transform to vibrant colors as then they soon fade to shades of brown. The season of an almost otherworldly beauty, superior to all other seasons. It truly doesn’t get better than New Jersey fall weather. It was like a turn of a light switch, suddenly it went from summer to fall. I’m not one to complain, no more chemical smelling sunscreen and a not so cute glow of sunburn across my face.

Today was filled with only smiles and laughs, the best way to know you had a good day. I wish I highlighted the funniest moment in a video but unfortunately our camera’s were late to capturing the moment. My friend Jess flew back in one of those wagons you put pumpkins in, Jessie got a wet bum and attacked by apples when the wagon flipped. A moment we all exploded with immense laughter. Later on we all looked like we took part in a circus act trying to balance on pumpkins for just that perfect shot. Luckily no broken bones have been reported.

Drizzles of rain cut our trip short so we headed over to Delicious Orchards a little family owned farm and country food market to warm up with apple cider. A successful day.

P.S- I applied to college today! Time to play the waiting game…

What’s your favorite college memory?

The Subway Ride…

It’s finally fall and although many people are trying to hold onto summer as long as they can, I cannot wait for the crisp air to finally kick in. My weekend consisted of confusion, laughs and tears. It was definitely a memorable occasion. My friend and I traveled to New York City which is just a train ride away, once there we took the E subway to Spring Street, walked around and shopped. At around 5:15 we were planning on taking the C subway uptown to w. 72nd street but of course the C subway wasn’t working. So our plan of action changed and unfortunately what we thought would get us to w. 72nd street actually brought us to 68th street in Queens. With panic in our chests and confusion in our heads we quickly talked to our parents and they directed us uptown on the R subway to 34th Street (Times Square) there we took the red line to our final destination. It felt good to take a deep breath and get out of Queens.

We went on this mini trip to meet Amber Fillerup, one of the most popular bloggers on the internet. If you keep up with fashion & lifestyle blogs you’ve probably heard of her. She’s the most adorable, sweet blondie with the cutest family. Meeting her was so important for me, she inspired me to take the plunge in making a website.

Fortunately through out the entire trip laughter filled the air. I mean c’mon you can’t go to city and something not happen! Ambers meet and greet was held at the end of the pier right near Pier 1 Cafe. Pier 1 Cafe is the cutest outside restaurant located right next to the water. The skyline is directly in front and behind you, the food was definitely a 10 too! Overall the day was a success, through each hurdle we settled with laugher and the thought of kinda sorta almost being where we wanted to be. A day started and ended with laughter is a good day.

Amber Fillerup// http://www.barefootblonde.com

Pier 1 Cafe// http://piericafe.com 

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How to plan the right way!


My personal tips for planning, the right way!

1. Try and keep your planner in your bag, car or anywhere else you can find most your items. This way it’s right at your finger tips and you don’t have to worry about loosing it!

2. As soon as something comes up, right it down asap! This way it doesn’t go in one ear and out the other! 

3. Color code! If you color code and have one color for one thing and another for another you can quickly distinguish what type of events are going on in that particular day! 

4. Don’t forget to not only add an event under the date but to add the time. You don’t want to be late! 

5. Leave room in each space, you never know what last minute plans could come up! 

6. Is something happening 6 months from now? Write it down before you forget! 

7. Prioritize! No matter what each week I like to have one day of rest with a blank space under the date. 

8.  Give yourself enough time between things so you’re not running around and stressing! 

9. Don’t over plan!

10. Be organized but not crazy! One of my biggest issues is trying to plan out every second of my life so with that being said, I need to take my own advice and live a little bit more in the moment. 

****** I used August to show a full month of planning, September is not over therefore it’s not completed.****

My planner is from Target from the brand “Sugar Paper.” (click the pink to be brought to the website)


Take A Stroll With Me

My heart is so happy when I’m in Red Bank, New Jersey. Nothing feels more like home. Shops, cafes, restaurants, a bay and more can be found scattered across this lively and thriving town. Broad Street is a favored area, where its cobblestone path can lead you to shop after shop. On this afternoon I was more relaxed then usual. The breeze captured me, with each inhale of air I felt at peace.  As perfect as this afternoon sounds there was one thing I needed as a cherry on top to this day and of course that “thing” was food. I would be crazy if I didn’t get food while in Red Bank, it has the best of everything! I am obsessed with Earth Pizza an organic and all natural restaurant. Ryan and I shared the Vegan pie (due to my dairy allergy) and we ordered it dressed up with multiple toppings to give our pizza some extra pizzazz. My tastebuds went straight to heaven as I crunched down on my first bite of pizza. The crunch of the crust and gush of the tomatoes made me crave each bite more and more. Being a girl who can’t typically enjoy her pizza loaded with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella, I finally found a place that made all my food dreams come true! I no longer envy all of the pizza eaters out there. Here’s pictures from a fulfilled day of relaxation and yummy food.


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