A Day In My Life + Outfit

It is officially shorts weather!! It felt like the time would never come again but finally, the high temperature by the Jersey Shore is calling for tank tops and shorts. I am hoping the 80’s don’t leave us. It happened to be a perfect, sunny Saturday so my friends and I brunched at a cute inside/outside restaurant called The Robinson Ale House. It has such yummy food, you can check out the menu here if you’re from New Jersey! I got the BLT+A which was a BLT but with avocado, sooo tasty.

I love New Jersey and one of my favorite towns here is Red Bank! It has the cutest downtown area, full of shops and restaurants. I hope the pictures below capture just how adorable this little town just is.

Outfit Details: Top//Primark     Shorts//Uniqlo     Belt//unknown     Watch//MichaelKors     Shoes// SteveMadden     Rings// gifted or Pandora     Glasses//Ray-Ban     Satchel// H&M

Jesses Outfit: Top//Nordstrom BP     Shorts// American Eagle Outfitters      Choker//Forever21      Glasses//Francesca’s

* I could only link some items directly, some pieces are sold out or gone! 🙁

Check out Stargaze Jewelry for really cute, dainty chokers, click here.

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Take A Stroll With Me

My heart is so happy when I’m in Red Bank, New Jersey. Nothing feels more like home. Shops, cafes, restaurants, a bay and more can be found scattered across this lively and thriving town. Broad Street is a favored area, where its cobblestone path can lead you to shop after shop. On this afternoon I was more relaxed then usual. The breeze captured me, with each inhale of air I felt at peace.  As perfect as this afternoon sounds there was one thing I needed as a cherry on top to this day and of course that “thing” was food. I would be crazy if I didn’t get food while in Red Bank, it has the best of everything! I am obsessed with Earth Pizza an organic and all natural restaurant. Ryan and I shared the Vegan pie (due to my dairy allergy) and we ordered it dressed up with multiple toppings to give our pizza some extra pizzazz. My tastebuds went straight to heaven as I crunched down on my first bite of pizza. The crunch of the crust and gush of the tomatoes made me crave each bite more and more. Being a girl who can’t typically enjoy her pizza loaded with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella, I finally found a place that made all my food dreams come true! I no longer envy all of the pizza eaters out there. Here’s pictures from a fulfilled day of relaxation and yummy food.


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Asbury Sun & Sushi

On a day full of endless sun and toasty weather we all just want to be outside. When I began to get tired of the same routine summer activities I decided I’d head just a half hour south to Asbury Park. They’re focusing on modernizing the space and creating a relaxed, slower paced urban area. A hotspot for older teens and adults to enjoy a nice bit to eat, the boardwalk, concerts at The Stone Pony and so much more. You may even catch Bruce Springsteen strolling around (that is if you’re lucky). I adore the atmosphere and relaxed vibes the area gives off. It reminds me a little of West Village in NYC based on its ambience.

I just can never get enough sushi! At this point I’m surprised I haven’t turned into some type of sushi roll. Is that possible? Technically no but at this rate you never know. My friend and I headed over to Taka, an adorable Japanese restaurant in Asbury where you can be seated inside or outside. The Japanese restaurant seemed very modern, young and hip with its vibrant colors and fun furniture. I went the basic route in all my sushi choices although, I dressed each piece up with a number of different sauces. My sushi rolls were constantly soaked in teriyaki, eel and soy sauce to kick up the flavor of my not so exciting choices. Needless to say I ended up in a food coma but it didn’t matter because I enjoyed every bite of my sushi, to the last slice of ginger. The day was filled with the aroma of salt coming off the beach and savory pieces of sushi being guzzled down. I think it’s time to learn how to use chopsticks!


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I’m Kinda Vegan?

Can I say I’m vegan even if I stuff my face with burgers, hot dogs and pork roll? The obvious answer is no but my dairy allergy has allowed me to explore the world of being vegan. You’d think how gross coconut bacon, how could that taste like real bacon? I’m not really sure how it does but somehow it does taste like real bacon! So many obscure things you wouldn’t assume to be good truly are. Not only is being vegan a healthy lifestyle option it’s also extremely tasty. Some better than others of course you just have to find the best of the best in vegan cuisine.  A  few days ago I headed over to Seed To Sprout, the cutest place in vegan food. My tastebuds were in for a treat, I indulged in french toast and a yummy sandwich with cashew cheese. Who knew cashew cheese was a thing and that it was actually good?! I was in pure delight, Seed To Sprout is definitely a place I need to further explore. Just after having two meals I’m already hooked.

Seed To Sprout Website: www.seedtosproutnj.com

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