Apple of my Eye

In between all the chaos of applying to colleges there has to be moments of sweet serenity. A trip 10 minutes from home to a pumpkin patch and orchard can be just that calming vibe we all need sometimes. To some fall is the most exciting season of them all, leaves transform to vibrant colors as then they soon fade to shades of brown. The season of an almost otherworldly beauty, superior to all other seasons. It truly doesn’t get better than New Jersey fall weather. It was like a turn of a light switch, suddenly it went from summer to fall. I’m not one to complain, no more chemical smelling sunscreen and a not so cute glow of sunburn across my face.

Today was filled with only smiles and laughs, the best way to know you had a good day. I wish I highlighted the funniest moment in a video but unfortunately our camera’s were late to capturing the moment. My friend Jess flew back in one of those wagons you put pumpkins in, Jessie got a wet bum and attacked by apples when the wagon flipped. A moment we all exploded with immense laughter. Later on we all looked like we took part in a circus act trying to balance on pumpkins for just that perfect shot. Luckily no broken bones have been reported.

Drizzles of rain cut our trip short so we headed over to Delicious Orchards a little family owned farm and country food market to warm up with apple cider. A successful day.

P.S- I applied to college today! Time to play the waiting game…

What’s your favorite college memory?