It’s Almost That Time…

It’s almost the time where I place my graduation cap on and walk to get my diploma! Officially ending high school is starting to freak me out, it’s crazy to think in less than three short months I’ll be moving to my new home, Connecticut. Due to my crazy busy end of the year schedule, I haven’t been able to take any pictures for a fashion post so I thought I’d collect pictures from the last couple weeks to put together a current lifestyle post!

The first pictures are from a college night my friend hosted. Basically, we celebrated all choosing our college! It was an exciting and super happy night for everyone. The second group of pictures is from my senior prom. My dress was a berry, wine colored Jovani dress which you can find here. It was a little different than my usual style and color choices but I am so happy I took a chance on it. It feels nice not having to stress about hair, nails, makeup or dress anymore! Onto new stress, FINALS!! Ugh, I’m ready to graduate..

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Stress Less – Prom 2016

The chaos of Prom can bring any teenage girl the ultimate anxiety and frustration. Will my hair turn out like the picture I showed? Will people like my dress? Is my makeup going to be to much? Is my spray tan going to be orange? These are my constant thoughts that swarm through my mind the weeks leading up to Prom. My number one tip would be to keep yourself busy in order to get your mind off all your worries and doubts about Prom day. At the end of the day nothing will change the memories you will make with your peers, boyfriends, families and teachers. Prom isn’t really about how you look as important as that may be to us. It’s about the memories you’ll look back on years from now. One day will laugh at our pictures good or bad, we’ve all seen our parents Prom pictures and done nothing but laughed. One day our children will giggle at how silly our dresses are, style truly evolves over two, maybe three decades. Regardless of all the stress and constant worrying we need to see the bigger picture. Image isn’t everything, we all worry about the judgmental thoughts of others but we don’t have power over it. Everything will be okay. The stress is inevitable, it’s about coping with it. Here’s all the memories I captured this bright and sunny Friday afternoon.

Outfit Details:


Shoes- Madden Girl Women’s Dafney Dress Sandal

Rings & Earrings- unknown, gifted

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