Where is Fall in Connecticut?!

Ugh!! I’m eagerly awaiting fall and hoping it’s just around the corner. I can no longer deal with the sticky humidity in a dorm room. Since last writing, I was soon off to Quinnipiac University, and now I’m here! Saying I love it is an understatement. I am incredibly lucky to of met such genuine people in such a short amount of time. Waking up each morning and passing mountains is something you can’t get anywhere else, it will never get old in my eyes. I can’t wait to look up at the painted red, orange and yellow smiling down at me from the sleeping giant. The high 80’s need to leave, I want fall desperately!!

Before leaving New Jersey I took these pictures in one of my favorite simple outfits. I hate the rule “no white jeans after Labor Day.” White jeans are so practical and go with pretty much anything, I miss them already. *sheds tear* Below are the details of this outfit!!

Top: Pacsun (no longer available)

Jeans: Hollister

Watch: Michael Kors

Rings & Necklaces: Gifted

Can you tell I’m from New Jersey..?


Transition into Fall w/ Zaful

Yay! Fall has finally taken full affect. With some areas still a little warm, I wanted to create looks that could be worked into fall and summer. The online store Zaful was kind enough to send me a bunch of different pieces of clothing to try out.

In the beginning I choose things that had been out of stock, I wasn’t notified and had to figure that out on my own. Once I noticed I contacted customer service where they had me choose new items. Customer service worked extremely well with me and once the pieces came in I realized it was worth the small hassle.

Delivery took about 2 weeks and some items did come separately, all together I received 3 separate bags. When you first open your package you will most likely notice the extreme wrinkles in each piece of clothing. Fortunately, once ironed the items look 100% perfect. For the most part the pieces were true to size, the site is very inexpensive making it affordable for nearly anyone. I definitely will be purchasing from this site sometime soon. Click the words below each picture to be brought to the page!

|Sandless Round Beach Mat|

|Bowknot Faux Suede Chocker- Wine Red|

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Asbury Sun & Sushi

On a day full of endless sun and toasty weather we all just want to be outside. When I began to get tired of the same routine summer activities I decided I’d head just a half hour south to Asbury Park. They’re focusing on modernizing the space and creating a relaxed, slower paced urban area. A hotspot for older teens and adults to enjoy a nice bit to eat, the boardwalk, concerts at The Stone Pony and so much more. You may even catch Bruce Springsteen strolling around (that is if you’re lucky). I adore the atmosphere and relaxed vibes the area gives off. It reminds me a little of West Village in NYC based on its ambience.

I just can never get enough sushi! At this point I’m surprised I haven’t turned into some type of sushi roll. Is that possible? Technically no but at this rate you never know. My friend and I headed over to Taka, an adorable Japanese restaurant in Asbury where you can be seated inside or outside. The Japanese restaurant seemed very modern, young and hip with its vibrant colors and fun furniture. I went the basic route in all my sushi choices although, I dressed each piece up with a number of different sauces. My sushi rolls were constantly soaked in teriyaki, eel and soy sauce to kick up the flavor of my not so exciting choices. Needless to say I ended up in a food coma but it didn’t matter because I enjoyed every bite of my sushi, to the last slice of ginger. The day was filled with the aroma of salt coming off the beach and savory pieces of sushi being guzzled down. I think it’s time to learn how to use chopsticks!


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