Travel Diary: Naples, Florida

Being a senior in high school, if an opportunity to travel with your friends comes along, you take it. I’m so happy we all got the chance to detox from school, life and just take a few days to breathe and live worry free. I think it’s safe to say we all want to go back to Naples.

The trip began in Atlantic City, New Jersey where we took off for Fort Myers, Florida. Our flight was delayed but we didn’t land too much later than expected. The minute we exited the airport and felt that warm winter air, we all were incredibly content and thankful to being missing the snow storm at home (or so we thought). We stayed at my friend Amanda’s grandparents home, there we were greeted with a ton of delicious baked goods, sandwiches and more. The next morning we went to a beach called Clams Pass and that’s when sunburn invaded most of my friends’ bodies. That night aloe was essential in order to calm and soothe our irritated, lobster-like skin. We headed to the beach again for the sunset which was beautiful and displayed a number of orange tones.

Next day, we woke up bright and early for a boat day in Bonita Springs. This had to be my favorite day of the trip. Spending all day sunbathing on a boat and docking up to an island is my image of a perfect day, and it was just that! After the relaxing boat day, at night we headed to downtown Naples which was the cutest place ever! It was a large, popular downtown area surrounded by shops and palm trees. It had nearly anything from ice cream shops to beach stores.

Our last day, we went to Vanderbilt beach which was yet another calm and serene day! Early morning we paddle boarded which was a ton of fun until I ended up in the ocean and I was unable to touch the sandy floor below me.  Lost my sunglasses, they’re probably floating around somewhere in the Atlantic as I type this. When we got back to Amanda’s grandparents home we packed, soaked in the hot tub and went for dinner at the Clubhouse in their development. Before we knew it, we were on our flight back home to New Jersey and just a day later the snow fell…

Thank you to the cutest grandparents for keeping seven crazy people with them, xoxo.

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New York City Goodbyes

By the title of this post you may make the assumption that it’s going to be a more melancholy writing. To better explain the title I will say this. Going to New York City can never be spent badly, for me any day spent there is full of happiness and Monday was no different. That part that has given me the blues is the fact that some of my closest friends who I’ve created a strong friendship and bond with are embarking onto a new journey and I have to say goodbye. They will meet new people but hopefully not forget the ones they left behind. This group of girls happen to be a year older than me making them all freshman in college. They have been my sisters for this past year and although I wish we had crossed paths in high school sooner, I am extremely grateful for the gifts of friendship this year has brought.
With the sappiness aside I want to share my recent trip to New York City, it’s just a 45 minute train ride from my home town. Once we arrived at Penn. Station we hopped onto the E subway to Spring Street. In Soho we shopped around to multiple stores and then made a pitstop to Soho Park an inside/outside restaurant with a woodsy interior and modern lighting. I chose Hungarian Kielbasa with caramelized onions and mustard, it was definitely a yummy meal!  After chatting and enjoying our meals we took another subway to 23rd street and walked along The High Line. Once we finished The High Line journey we walked to Penn. Station and took the train home. We all sat back and sunk into our seats as we continued home with not so subtle laughter that echoed throughout the train car. The day was filled with laughs, full stomachs and shopping bags laying on our arms. Sounds like a successful day to me. See you soon NYC! XX

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Will I call Baltimore home?

In one year my life will change in some major ways. The town I’ve called home for 17 years I will be leaving behind. Family and friends I’ve formed close relationships with I will parting from in order to start my own journey. Although the farewell to my hometown, friends and family will be nothing but bittersweet, I am filled with excitement for my future.

My college search started in October at Quinnipiac University. Ever since my first encounter I thought that had to be “the school.” My college search continued today at Towson University and Loyola University Maryland. I got a taste of both the larger and smaller sized schools. As we drove up to Loyola University Maryland’s campus it immediately felt like home, a place I felt like I instantly fit. I was intrigued by the stone, brick buildings where class would take place and by the equisite Catholic Church with stainless glass that captured my eyes with its character. So now I wonder will Quinnipiac, Loyola, or possibly a place I’ve yet to explore be my future home?

Thursday night we arrived in the city of Baltimore (about 2o minutes from Towson & Loyola). My Mom and one of my best friends stayed with me at Brookshire Suites by the Inner Harbor. I was fascinated by the modern/contemporary rooms with a delightful Bath & Body Works scent that crawled in and out of each hallway and room. We decided we definitely had to take a boat ride on the Inner Harbor, we all were greeted with such hospitality from the Seadog (speedboat) employees. They constantly called and updated us on the weather conditions to inform us whether or not the boat would leave the harbor. From there we enjoyed a dinner at an Irish Pub within the harbor. I enjoyed a savory meal of a Crab Cake Sandwich and Muscles because how could I not get seafood in Baltimore, Maryland?!

Storm clouds rolled in this Baltimore night.

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Vacation Flashback

Rain, rain go away has been a constant thought these past rainy days. The New Jersey sun has been hidden for a week now and everyone on the east coast is craving the sun. Times like this I think back on my vacation to Punta Cana, desperately missing the ocean breeze, smell and vibes that the island gave off. Here are some flashback pictures from a trip that made the future stress of Junior year so minuscule.


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