Sugar Factory Friday

For my friends and I, the month of February is the month full of birthdays, bringing on tons of birthday festivities each weekend. This past week we went to the Sugar Factory in New York City where everything was sweeter than sweet. The Sugar Factor is known for their super sugary drinks called Goblets, they come in a number of colors and flavors. My friend and I chose the Sunshine Tea Goblet and added some Lollipops to add taste and of course to make it “gram worthy.”

The interior design of the restaurant is different than I imagined, I picture a rainbow colored interior with a bunch of sweets as decor. Although, the restaurant was much more tasteful than I had originally expected. The colors were burgundy, black and white and a large black chandelier was the centerpiece of the room.  At the Sugar Factory, there is an upstairs and a downstairs, larger parties were seated upstairs and smaller parties were sat downstairs. While going upstairs you come across the famous Sugar Factory wall, many people take their photos against this wall. A ton of celebrities have captured pictures on this wall and they’re shown all around the restaurant.

The trip was yet another successful birthday out with friends and good food. Nothing sweeter than that.


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The Subway Ride…

It’s finally fall and although many people are trying to hold onto summer as long as they can, I cannot wait for the crisp air to finally kick in. My weekend consisted of confusion, laughs and tears. It was definitely a memorable occasion. My friend and I traveled to New York City which is just a train ride away, once there we took the E subway to Spring Street, walked around and shopped. At around 5:15 we were planning on taking the C subway uptown to w. 72nd street but of course the C subway wasn’t working. So our plan of action changed and unfortunately what we thought would get us to w. 72nd street actually brought us to 68th street in Queens. With panic in our chests and confusion in our heads we quickly talked to our parents and they directed us uptown on the R subway to 34th Street (Times Square) there we took the red line to our final destination. It felt good to take a deep breath and get out of Queens.

We went on this mini trip to meet Amber Fillerup, one of the most popular bloggers on the internet. If you keep up with fashion & lifestyle blogs you’ve probably heard of her. She’s the most adorable, sweet blondie with the cutest family. Meeting her was so important for me, she inspired me to take the plunge in making a website.

Fortunately through out the entire trip laughter filled the air. I mean c’mon you can’t go to city and something not happen! Ambers meet and greet was held at the end of the pier right near Pier 1 Cafe. Pier 1 Cafe is the cutest outside restaurant located right next to the water. The skyline is directly in front and behind you, the food was definitely a 10 too! Overall the day was a success, through each hurdle we settled with laugher and the thought of kinda sorta almost being where we wanted to be. A day started and ended with laughter is a good day.

Amber Fillerup//

Pier 1 Cafe// 

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New York City Goodbyes

By the title of this post you may make the assumption that it’s going to be a more melancholy writing. To better explain the title I will say this. Going to New York City can never be spent badly, for me any day spent there is full of happiness and Monday was no different. That part that has given me the blues is the fact that some of my closest friends who I’ve created a strong friendship and bond with are embarking onto a new journey and I have to say goodbye. They will meet new people but hopefully not forget the ones they left behind. This group of girls happen to be a year older than me making them all freshman in college. They have been my sisters for this past year and although I wish we had crossed paths in high school sooner, I am extremely grateful for the gifts of friendship this year has brought.
With the sappiness aside I want to share my recent trip to New York City, it’s just a 45 minute train ride from my home town. Once we arrived at Penn. Station we hopped onto the E subway to Spring Street. In Soho we shopped around to multiple stores and then made a pitstop to Soho Park an inside/outside restaurant with a woodsy interior and modern lighting. I chose Hungarian Kielbasa with caramelized onions and mustard, it was definitely a yummy meal!  After chatting and enjoying our meals we took another subway to 23rd street and walked along The High Line. Once we finished The High Line journey we walked to Penn. Station and took the train home. We all sat back and sunk into our seats as we continued home with not so subtle laughter that echoed throughout the train car. The day was filled with laughs, full stomachs and shopping bags laying on our arms. Sounds like a successful day to me. See you soon NYC! XX

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